Such is Jesus, son of Mary

In the Qur’an:

But she pointed to him. They said: How should we speak to one who was a child in the cradle? He said: Surely I am a servant of Allah; He has given me the Book and made me a prophet; And He has made me blessed wherever I may be, and He has enjoined on me prayer and poor-rate so long as I live; And dutiful to my mother, and He has not made me insolent, unblessed; And peace on me on the day I was born, and on the day I die, and on the day I am raised to life. Such is Isa, son of Mary… [19:29-43]

In the words of Imam Ali, the close friend and companion of Prophet Muhammad (sawa):

”If you desire I will tell you about `Isa (p.b.u.h.) son of Maryam (Mary). He used a stone for his pillow, put on coarse clothes and ate rough food. His condiment was hunger. His lamp at night was the moon. His shade during the winter was just the expanse of earth eastward and westward. His fruits and flowers were only what grows from the earth for the cattle. He had no wife to allure him, nor any son to give grief, nor wealth to deviate (his attention), nor greed to disgrace him. His two feet were his conveyance and his two hands his servant.” [Nahj Al-Balagha Sermon 160]

In the poetry of Rumi:

The son of Mary, Jesus, hurries up a slope
as though a wild animal were chasing him.
Someone following him asks, ‘Where are you going?
No one is after you.’ Jesus keeps on,
saying nothing, across two more fields. ‘Are you
the one who says words over a dead person,
so that he wakes up?’ I am. ‘Did you not make
the clay birds fly?’ Yes. ‘Who then
could possibly cause you to run like this?’
Jesus slows his pace.

I say the Great Name over the deaf and the blind,
they are healed. Over a stony mountainside,
and it tears its mantle down to the navel.
Over non-existence, it comes into existence.
But when I speak lovingly for hours, for days,
with those who take human warmth
and mock it, when I say the Name to them, nothing
happens. They remain rock, or turn to sand,
where no plants can grow. Other diseases are ways
for mercy to enter, but this non-responding
breeds violence and coldness toward God.
I am fleeing from that.

As little by little air steals water, so praise
Is dried up and evaporates with foolish people
who refuse to change. Like cold stone you sit on,
a cynic steals body heat. He doesn’t feel
the sun
. Jesus wasn’t running from actual people.
He was teaching in a new way.


2 Responses to Such is Jesus, son of Mary

  1. pajam says:

    Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, was a very special person, nevertheless we do have this extremely beautiful scene from the Yusuf Nabi series where prophet Jacob, peace be upon him, is blind out of grief for not getting prophet Joseph, peace be upon him, back. Then master Jibril, peace be upon him, arrives and the two enter a dialogue.

    – Salute to Prophet Jacob
    – Oh Messenger of God, the Angel of Revelation, you’re welcome. Do you see how I suffer from the abscense of my Joseph, Do you see my ruined life?

    – Jacob, who created Joseph?
    – The Creator of all worlds, the Great God!

    – How many children do you have, other than Joseph?
    – I have twelve children including my daughter Dineh.

    – You cry this hysterically for a child who has so much as twelve substitutes, Jacob?
    – None of them are substitutes to Joseph, Joseph is unique.
    – Only God is unique!

    And Joseph is the mirror image of God, by looking at him I could see the beauty of God and His manifestation. I’ve lost the very mirror in which I used to see God.
    – All beings are reflections of the beauty of God and His manifestation, just take a look around you.

    – But not all beings are the Helpers of God, Joseph was the Helper of God, I’ve lost the very mirror image of God who had authority over me.
    – How do you know that he has authority over you?

    – For he himself saw me prostrating (genuflecting) to him in a dream.
    – God is zealous, you have but one heart Jacob, a heart can not conatin two loves!
    – Oh my God, I apologise if I’ve cried and mourned too much for Joseph.
    … I repent, I repent, I looked upon Joseph as the substitute of God, not the partner.

    – Jacob, do you know when it was God gave Ishmael back to your forefather Abraham?
    – When God sent him a sheep to be sacrificed instead of Ishmael.
    – No, it was when Abraham prepared to sacrifice his Ishmael for the sake of God, that Ishmael was given back to him.

    – Yes, yes that’s true. I have not sacrificed my Ishmaels yet. Maybe that’s the very reason why I haven’t met Joseph just yet. Oh, I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed. But I swear by the Only God that I’ll let go of them both from now on, and that God is sufficient for me.

    – After every hardship there is tranquility. This may be the end of your pain and the restart of your peace of mind and the end of the separation.
    – How could I be certain?
    – Listen up, ask about Joseph and the incidents in Eqypt!
    Then you shall find your ray of hope.

    – Messenger of God, oh Angel of Revelation, where are you?

    My God, from now on I’ll only confide and open my heart to you alone, it is because of You that I love Joseph. Without You he is nothing. My Lord, my Lord, I worship You and from You alone I seek help. Joseph was the mirror reflection of Your beauty, and I only look at it to see You. A mirror alone is not worth seeing. If I love Joseph it is to experience Your love, otherwise You are my only beloved One. By loving Joseph I could understand love. Now I’ll forget him to obtain my real love. My God, my God, Joseph is a bridge with which to reach You.

    In the very same way creations such as Jesus Christ, peace be upon them all, are nothing more than representable mirror images of the beauty of God and His manifestations. JazakAllah kheir for this beautiful contribution.

  2. Called Shia says:

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