Qur’anic Topics

The following are short articles on various topics relating to the Holy Qur’an:

Was Prophet Ibrahim’s [a] biological father an idol worshipper?

Raj’ah – The Return before the Day of Judgement

Imamah in the Qur’an p1: Introduction

Imamah in the Qur’an p2: A Witness for every people

Imamah in the Qur’an p3: Role of the Witnesses

Imamah in the Qur’an p4: The Medium Ummah

Imamah in the Qur’an p5: Ibrahim’s prayer

Akhbaris and the Qur’an

Khidr in the Qur’an – Why do the pronouns change?


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  1. haider zaidi says:

    may allah (swt)rewar you for this.

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